Aktualności » artexpo New York Manhattan 2012

Lyle hamilton - krytyk sztuki, kurator wystaw:

By payting attention to the intuitive works of each artist, we are hoping to construct an exhibition of works that truly speaks to our audiences. I am particulary excites and interested in your work "Piórko" and I belive it would be an important addition to our program. The use of color and technique makes this work appealing and eye-catching. This work is a contemporary allegory that highlights humanity's temporal existence and fragility. I found it to be very inspiring.


Kolejna recenzja:

There was an intensive media outreach by Artexpo and by our gallery. However, usually, Artexpo artists are not reviewed in the art publications. As I mentioned before, we received very positive comments about your work. This is one of them:

There is a sense of heightened significance, of dramatic tension, which courses through this work. These images, overall, while appearing at first to be of humble origin are propelled by a look, which recalls automatism. Yet this imagery begins to be seen as visual explorations, which lay bare the needs and desires of the artist to communicate a sense of emergent anxiety in the most efficient manner as possible. Within this balance of tensions Podgorsky constructs intimate scenes in which we perceive mindfulness (with its emphasis on non-closure) investigating the relationship between the individual and the universe.